Do you like the clean minty taste of menthol, attracted to e cigs and smoke menthol cigarettes? Get the same experience with out the health risk with a menthol ecig….is what they try to to sell you on.

E cigs are taking off and I love mine but I like menthol flavor and its hard to find a good menthol e cig. I used to smoke menthol c8garettes and switched to electronic cigarettes to try to quit.  The problem is I cant find one that really taste like menthol. Everyone I have tried claims to taste like the real thing but most dont taste like menthol at all or just like tooth paste.
I bet other people have fou d this annoying as well.  You can buy an e cig starter kit and switch flavors but rarely do they really taste as advertised. I like the cool soothing feeling of menthol and dont really care about cherry or vanilla flavors.
Seriously why cant anyone make a menthol e cig that has alegit menthol taste and ine the actually has a smooth taste.  There is nothing worse than having a just from the dentist taste every time you take a puff.

Some people make their own menthol crystals and other make their own menthol liquid.  The common piece is that people are still trying to find what they are looknig for in a great menthol e cig taste. So why cant someone jsut make one.  I am not a real DIY yourself person, so the last thing I wanna do is have to make my own menthol crystals. I mean what a pain in the ass.  Just make a good one and let me go buy it and be a happy customer.